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Private Number Plates

RegHunters hold the UK's largest database of private number plates and is the UK's cheapest number plate supplier with over 63 million personalised number plates for sale. Prices starting from as little as £25 + vat + £80 DVLA transfer fee! We offer a free registration valuation service making RegHunters the best place to buy or sell your private plate. As the leading supplier of DVLA number plates, we can help you with the many steps of buying and selling registration plates, including helping you create the ideal plate for your car. What’s more, our service makes the whole registration transfer process as easy as possible.

Whether it's a cheap number plate, pre owned or a DVLA registration plate, RegHunters' team with over 25 years experience can assist you every step of the way in gaining your dream private number plate! Give us a call today on 01253 403 333.

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Important information about a private number plate

There is one main rule to understand when buying a private number plate. You can not make your car appear younger than it actually is. Some registrations we advertise are dateless and can go on any age vehicle, if you are unsure please contact us for free expert advice. See our Plate Guide Lines

Registration transfer

Our experienced team at RegHunter are happy to take care of all registration transfer paperwork with the DVLA. All you need to do is send us your V5 to enable us to transfer the private number plate onto the chosen vehicle, in most instances within 7 days.

Number plate design

DVLA have strict regulatations regarding fonts and spacings on your number plate. Size, colour, reflectivity and decoration must also conform to their strict guide lines. We supply a set of number plates from £25 including delivered.

Number plate values

Sell your private number plate with us, fast! If you are unsure of the value we offer a FREE number plate valuation service, log in to start the process of selling your number plate today.

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  • How Do I Check The Validity of A Certificate of Entitlement (V750)?

    The DVLA now have an online facility where you can check this. All you will need is the registration number and certificate number to be able to check the validity.

  • Are There Any Restrictions On My Choice of Number Plate?

    The number one rule is you can’t make your vehicle look newer than it is. For example, you can not put a 60 plate on a car that was made before September 2010. You can also not put a Y registration plate on a T-registered vehicle, but you can choose any prefix from A to T.

    Each registration comes with an issue date, which you must check to ensure your vehicle is not appearing newer than it is.

  • You Have Sent Me A Quote For A Plate, But I Don’t Agree With Your Valuation, What Should I Do?

    Simply inform us via phone or email, letting us know the new price you would ideally like for your registration.

    Please remember, we have years of experience within this business, and always give out realistic quotes which we know will sell fast. Whilst a plate may be worth thousands to the right person, it is more likely to sell at a slightly lower price as it will appeal to more people.

    If you feel we have quoted too highly and are after a faster sale, feel free to change the amount by as much as you like.

    If you feel we have quoted too highly and are after a faster sale, feel free to change the amount by as much as you like.

    If your valuation was issued online, you can follow the instructions within the valuation email and tailor your quote to your liking.

  • I Cannot Find The Registration I Want On Your Website, Can You Find Out Who Owns It?

    Unfortunately not. The only people who have access to that information are the Police and DVLA. Neither of them will divulge it as it is covered by the Data Protection Act.

    The only way you can find the owner, is if you happen to spot the car on the road.

  • What Will Happen If My Vehicle Is Scrapped?

    When a vehicle is scrapped and ceases to exist, its registration number is cancelled. You will no longer be able to transfer its registration number. The person who breaks up or destroys the vehicle must notify the governing bodies that the vehicle has been scrapped and return the V5 registration document.