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Affordable Dateless Number Plates

RegHunter is the leading supplier of cheap dateless number plates. With our cheap prices and price-match promise, guarantees you can purchase your ideal dateless number plate at an affordable price.

We can take care of every aspect of your number plate purchase, including all legal paperwork and transfers. You would be crazy not to purchase your number plate with us.

What Are Dateless Number Plates?

Similar to typical private number plates, these have been designed in a specific way so that the age of the vehicle does not factor into whether the plate can be used or not.

Dateless number plates can be displayed on any vehicle as they do not include a date identifier. With dated number plates, these must be the same year or older than your car, you can not make your vehicle appear newer than it is.

Purchasing Personalised Dateless Plates

At RegHunters, we have hundreds of personalised dateless number plates available at unbeatable prices. Whether you are looking to disguise the age of your vehicle or want a cheaper personalised plate featuring your initials etc. Our wide selection of dateless plates will be sure to find the ideal, affordable plate for you.