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Selling Your Personalised Number Plate

Selling your number plate has never been easier using our services at RegHunters. Offering you free number plate valuation, so you know how much it is approximately worth before putting it on the market. We will list your plate for you and help you find a buyer. Once a buyer is found, our team take care of the rest, professionally handling all of the transfer paperwork, giving you a stress-free sale.

Before you sell your plate, you will need to know how much it is worth and what you would like for it. Once a price is agreed upon, we can help you sell your private plate easily and efficiently.

Our standard listing service allows your plate to appear top of the search results for 1 keyword. You have the option to purchase additional keywords allowing your plate to appear top of the results for multiple searches, making it more likely for your plate to be found in our database and sold quickly.

Whatever your reasons for selling your private number plate, the team at RegHunters want to make this as quick and easy for you as possible. Taking care of all of the transfer paperwork for you, your private number plate sale has never been simpler.

Please be aware when the transfer takes place, the vehicle concerned should have a valid MOT or certificate (V750/V778). RegHunters will continue to list your number plate until you tell us otherwise. If you wish to stop selling your plate through us, whether you have found a buyer elsewhere, deciding to scrap your vehicle or dispose of your rights to your registration mark, you must inform us in writing before a buyer is found.

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