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About RegHunters

RegHunters.co.uk is a specialist business registered to sell and buy personalised number plates within the UK.

Operating differently from many larger companies, our low running costs enable us to provide our clients with personalised number plates at excellent value for money.

When selling your number plate with us, we do not use a huge markup, meaning your plate will have an extra edge in a very competitive market.

On our site, you will find an extensive list of cherished number plates, with regular updates, the list is forever growing. There is plenty of choice of personalised plates for you. If we don’t currently stock the specific plate you are after, contact us and we will hunt it down for you.

Not only do we take the hard work out of searching for your ideal plate, we can also handle all transfer paperwork upon your request, and negotiate with any sellers.

90 Withnell Road

You can contact us on 01253 403333, by email - sales@reghunters.co.uk or go to our contact us page, where there is also an enquiry form.

Through our web site you can search for your perfect private plate Reghunter.co.uk has an extensive stock list of cherished number plates. With well over 63 million marks available for sale you will be certain to find something for your budget.